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Habbohotel is working their hardest to keep you safe while at the hotel. They always have moderaters around if you need some help, but there are some things you can do for yourself to keep you protected by any scammers, keyloggers or any other type of hacker. I went around the hotel watching habbos chat, I will talk about some of the scams I heard and what to do if it happens to you.
First of all, NEVER give out your personal information. I have met hackers that hack through msn emails. Then they use the forgot your password to get your password sent to your email. They just have to figure out your secret question and easly could get onto your msn. Trust me, its happened to me and I never gave out my email again. They could also send you something to watch what you type and then just watch you type your password then they will have it. NEVER accept downloads from people u dont know.
First and most obvious one is the "Drop furni in my room and it will double" trick. THERE IS NO WAY OF DOUBLING FURNI. Never trust these peope.

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